Focus and Scope

Bangkit Indonesia is a journal that contains manuscripts of research results in the fields of information technology and computer science; published by LPPM STT Indonesia Tanjungpinang twice a year (March and October).

The scope of Bangkit Indonesia is as follows:

  1. Domain Specific Frameworks and Applications
    • IT Management dan IT Governance
    • e-Government
    • e-Healthcare, e-Learning, e-Manufacturing, e-Commerce
    • ERP dan Supply Chain Management
    • Business Process Management
  2. Smart Systems
    • Smart City
    • Smart Cloud Technology
    • Smart Appliances & Wearable Computing Devices
    • Robotic Systems
    • Smart Sensor Networks
    • Information Infrastructure for Smart Living Spaces
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  3. Models, Methods and Techniques
    • Conceptual Modeling, Languages and design
    • Software Engineering
    • Information-centric Networking
    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Media, Game and Mobile Technologies
    • Data Mining
    • Big Data
    • Information Retrievel
    • Information Security
    • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
    • Remote Sensing
    • Natural Language Processing